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About Kindergarten

The Republican State Enterprise “Karlygash Kindergarten” of the Medical Center of the President's Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as the Enterprise) is positioned as the leader of preschool education in Kazakhstan, which develops and cares for preschool children.

The company is represented by three kindergartens, which have their own characteristics, differences and advantages over other preschools. In particular, kindergartens are distinguished by their organizational and legal peculiarities, structure and staffing, the availability of qualified teaching and medical personnel, a modern infrastructure and environment, and their own fund of internal regulatory acts and teaching aids.

The total design capacity is 750 seats. Overall, 32 groups function due to the republican budget.  The Karlygash-1 kindergarten has 1 (one) group on a commercial basis.

The learning environment of the kindergartens has integrated interactive communication technologies - “talking” walls, centers of children's activity, robotics labs, aqua and hydroponic installations. 

Highly qualified teaching staff are one of the main resources of kindergartens. More than 80% of teachers have a category, which ensures high quality of learning and training.

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Welcoming speech of the Director


Dear parents, colleagues and guests of the website!

The RSE “Karlygash” Kindergarten” of the Medical Center of the Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - Enterprise) is the only recipient of the Quality Management System Certificate of the Republic of Kazakhstan ISO 9001-2016 (ISO 9001-2015) among the state preschool organizations in Kazakhstan and is included among the leading preschool institutions in the country.

In November 2020, the Enterprise underwent the recertification procedure and received the Certificate with validity until December 25, 2023.

A particularly notable achievement of 2020 and the result over 10-year period has been the fact that the Enterprise advanced through the institutional accreditation for compliance of the Enterprise with National and International standards (standards of the American agency for accreditation of the National Association for the Education of Young Children NAEYC).

The company is represented by three kindergartens with a total design capacity of 750 places.

Preserving and strengthening the health of children is one of the priorities of the Enterprise. In the kindergartens there are a balanced 5-time meals provided and health-saving technologies used: hardening, health-improving gymnastics, children's fitness, galatherapy, etc. Highly qualified medical staff provides high-quality medical support for children during the educational process.

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15 June 2019

More than 100 preschool educators from all over the country participated in the republican seminar "Preschool education development in the context of modern requirements"

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26 April 2019

The teachers of the RSE “Karlygash Kindergarten” of the Medical Center of the President’s Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a seminar on sharing the best practices with more than 100 peers from other preschools of the capital.

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20 July 2019

On a beautiful summer day, the Karlygash kindergartens organized an annual joyful event for children and their parents.

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