Digital kindergarten

Information on "Electronic kindergarten

The E-KARLYGASH project (electronic kindergarten) enables parents to distribute and attach children to kindergartens electronically, and receive daily information about their children in online accounts. 


Modules of the information system "Electronic kindergarten":

    1. «Preschool education services»
Documents submission and children enrollment, monitoring and amending the list of those who need to be placed in the kindergarten 

    2. «Child population management»
Attachment / detachment of a child, registration of a child in an age group, transfers of children between groups / kindergartens

    3. «Parent’s online account»
Information on the child’s daily routine and attendance, notifications and feedback, complaints and suggestions, digest of significant events and activities

    4.  «Health page»
Child’s health passport, sanitary and epidemiological situation, catering, employee health data control

    5. «Kindergarten sites register»
Kindergartens main characteristics and photos, groups and their completeness, training programs, staff

    6. «Personal Data Protection and Integration»
Notification of parents about children’s activities via sms and email

In the future, it is planned to add additional 6 modules.

The Smart Kindergarten” project ensures the safety of children in kindergartens through building automation system:
1. Fire safety management system
2. Management System - Anti-Terrorism Security
3. Children's health system
4. Energy saving system