Welcoming speech of the Director

Искакова Гульнар Кайроловна

Welcome to the “Karlygash” kindergartens, where we firmly believe that pre-school education is a crucial part of a child’s development.

The RSE “Karlygash Kindergarten” of the Medical Center of the Administration of President’s Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Enterprise) is the sole holder of the Quality Management System Certificate of Conformity ST RK ISO 9001-2009 among state preschools of Kazakhstan and has been granted the status of one of the country’s leading preschool organisations. The company is represented by three kindergartens with a total design capacity of 750 seats.

In Karlygash kindergartens, we apply the best international practices of preschool learning, which our teachers have learnt from their peers and adapted to the local context.

The quality of training and education is ensured by the strong teaching staff. More than 80% of teachers have categories and constantly improve their professional skills: study abroad, attend workshops, participate and get awards in the national and international professional contests.

Children's health improvement and promotion is one of our priorities. A balanced 5-times a day nutrition in addition to the wellness practices, such as developing resistance to cold, gymnastics, fitness and shungito therapy, among others, ensure children’s well-being and good health condition. Highly qualified medical workers are always at hand to provide medical support.

The kindergarten’s facilities and the subject-developing environment provide conditions for revealing every child’s abilities and talents, as well as developing their intellectual, creative, and physical skills.

In addition to the main curriculum, kindergartens deliver a wide range of extra-curricular classes based on the demands and wishes of children and their parents: chess, dancing, gymnastics, languages and more.

Pupils of our kindergartens are winners of intellectual, creative and sports competitions. Over 10 years, we have prepared more than 700 graduates who demonstrate excellent academic performance in the country’s best schools - NIS, Daryn, Miras, and the Republican Physics and Math School.

We have lots of to be proud of, and are ready to share our experience with our colleagues from various parts of the country. We have already conducted seminars for them and plan to continue doing so. We hope for fruitful cooperation with our partners to improve the quality of national preschool education.


Iskakova Gulnar

Director of the RSE "Kindergarten "Karlygash"

Medical Center of the Administration of President’s Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan