Facilities and resources

The Karlygash kindergartens’ facilities and environment create conditions to reveal children’s creative abilities, fulfill their cognitive interests and prepare them for primary school. 

For sports and physical activities, the kindergarten has a football field, a sports ground, "health paths", areas for learning traffic rules, a mini-garden, playgrounds, an amusement ride "Merry train", and a walking area. All of them are designed for children’s joyful and useful time spending in the fresh air.

Teachers actively use multimedia interactive technologies:

Interactive touch board
Interactive floor
Interactive sandbox

A language environment has been created based on the Canadian and Estonian experience: the so-called “talking walls” provide visual perception of the material and feedback. Native Russian and Kazakh teachers work in language immersion groups, and children learn colloquial English.

The kindergarten has a cognitive-experimental environment according to the Italian methodology Regio-life. Creative and experimental studios have been organized based on the idea of an open space, ray of light, and living organisms. A green studio is equipped with an aqua and hydroponic system, vertical flower beds, where children eagerly learn, observe and experiment.

The kindergartens have music rooms, choreography rooms, swimming pools, training and sensory rooms, conference halls.

Kindergartens have all conditions for people with disabilities, including special parking areas, equipped restrooms, ramps, security call buttons, and paths for the visually impaired.

The security system has been improved significantly and includes the broadcasting, video monitoring, telephony, local area network, fire alarm, and fire warning systems.