The academic activities are carried out in accordance with the State Compulsory Standard for Preschool Education and Training, the Standard Academic Programme for Preschool Education and Training and the Preschool Education Program with application of innovative teaching methods, such as:

• target language immersion method (Canada, Estonia);
• Voskobovich development games (Russia);
• Pyatibratova methodology (Russia);
• Regio approach (Italy);
• Montessori technique (Italy);
• art therapy techniques.

Kindergartens use a wide range of techniques and technologies, such as:

• Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TIPS);
• graphic modeling;
• testoplasty method;
• elements of step rhythm and game stretching;
• arts and crafts, using non-traditional techniques;
• multimedia interactive technologies (interactive sandboxes, interactive floors, logopedic equipment Delpha),
• Singaporean technology;
• Steam technology.

Children also learn the basics of robotics and arts and crafts using non-traditional techniques.
As for the physical development, children learn elements of step rhythmics and game stretching in addition to regular physical practices.