“Gymnastics of the brain”, “educational kinesiology”

“Gymnastics of the brain”, “educational kinesiology” (authors Dr. PSP Paul and Gale Dennison) are a system of exciting physical and breathing exercises that relax or increase energy. This is a holistic, psychological and pedagogical direction based on the latest achievements in the field of psychology, pedagogy, physiology and neurophysiology. Specially organized movements optimize the brain activity and activate the hidden resources of human development.

Children use simple and enjoyable movements. The exercise helps to restore a balance between thinking, body and emotions. Each of them contributes to the harmonious development.

For example: Cross Steps. This is the basis of dance "pa" and marching. The child pulls the right knee to the left elbow, then bends the right leg and touches the ankle with the left hand.

The simultaneous cross-steps under the instruction of the teacher connects the brain’s left and right hemispheres, activates the speech and language centers.

 “Brain gymnastics”, “educational kinesiology” maintains and develops the neurophysiological connections between the body and the brain through movement. They have a developing healing effect on a child's body.