Fairytale therapy

Fairytale therapy is a psychotherapeutic area that enables a child to overcome his fears and anxieties through listening to or composing a fairy tale, while analyzing and using images of heroes.

In kindergarten, fairy tale therapy is used as a health-saving technology or as an instrument of psychotherapeutic influence.

The necessary materials are preliminarily prepared (audio recording of a musical fairy tale, fairy tale books). Immersion into a fairy tale is achieved by listening to music, meditation, changing the tone of the reader or even the lighting.

The teacher reads a fairy tale himself or plays an audio recording.  Once the fairy tale ends, the teacher-psychologist asks certain questions that are related to the plot or the characters of the story. The children should be able to determine how useful the tale was, and what moral it had. The psychologist sums up the results of each child.

Fairytale therapy contributes to the correction of the child’s behavior, develops communication skills, imagination, creativity and critical thinking.