Logopedic equipment "Delpha"

Logopedic equipment "Delpha" is a logopedic simulator with a set of computer programs for the correction of different sides of children’s oral and written speeches.

The simulator kit includes: a personal computer, a block for processing a speech signal, a microphone, the main program and programs for working with dictionaries.

The device allows children working individually, perform various interesting tasks to develop fine motor skills and phonemic hearing and perception.

The simulator solves a variety of audiological and pedagogical tasks: it corrects voice and sound pronunciation, the lexical and grammatical side of a speech. By repeatedly changing types of exercises and speech materials (pictures, letters, syllables, words, sentences, sounding speech), the teacher can work with children at different levels of difficulty, depending on a child's abilities.

As a result, children improve their speeches, voices and sound pronunciations, develop memories, attention, perception, thinking and fantasies.