The Glen Doman Method

The Glen Doman Method (the USA) is a method of intensive intellectual and physical development of children, based on the results of a detailed study of child development laws. It is represented by a didactic system of demonstration cards with words, numbers, letters and objects.

A child gets tasks, which get more complicated from red dots to pictures with red inscriptions, with further division into themes. The child sees and at the same time hears the written word. Then his brain interprets the received information - “understands” and mechanically remembers the written words. Over time, the child understands the laws of reading based on his own experience, just as he once learned to understand a spoken language.

This method develops reading, counting and writing skills, improves pronunciation, enriches vocabulary, improves speech, attention, memory, imagination, and creativity. It gives children an opportunity to learn to read and understand musical notation at an early age.