The graphic simulation method

The graphic simulation method is a set of techniques that develop memory and speech (mnemonics and Euler circles).

Mnemonics is the art of memorization, a set of techniques and methods that facilitate memorization and increase the amount of memory through the formation of artificial associations.

The teacher offers children a diagram of reference pictures, symbols and signs. The scheme helps children to see the pictures and sequentially “connect” them, to set out logically, or memorize the text, juxtapose, generalize, group and describe the material according to the proposed drawn scheme (Euler circles). circles are geometric schemes that help children to find the similarities and differences between objects and concepts. Children get different objects, which they have to group according to certain properties, colors and shapes.

Thus, children develop an abstract concept, learn to work with it, find logical connections between phenomena and concepts, depict the relationship between an assembly and its parts.

The method of graphic modeling develops children’s skills of a consistent coherent logical story, logical thinking, memory and the ability to convey a plot.