The technique of N. Pyatibratova

The technique of N. Pyatibratova is a complex of didactic materials, games and tasks for teaching speech, reading, writing and mathematics.

Classes by the method of Pyatibratova is an exciting outdoor game that allows teaching reading without tiring sitting at a desk. It is based on the principle of reading in syllables. A syllable is a reading unit that represents a combination of a consonant and a vowel, or any single letter. For example, the word "rod" consists of 1 syllable ("rod"), the word "baby" consists of 2 syllables ("ba", "by"). While learning, children sing syllables, make rhythms, make up clear associations. All this contributes to the rapid progress of memorizing words.

According to the Pyatibratova method the entire training period is conditionally divided into three stages. The first stage is learning and getting used to cubes, performing simple tasks. The second stage is forming words from cubes, reading, consolidating the concept of “capital letter”, stress and word length.

The third stage is to develop writing and compose simple phrases with such punctuation marks as a comma and period.

The Pyatibratova’s technique enables children to learn to read without tedious sitting at a table, develop literacy skills, enlarge vocabulary, and solve logopedic problems.