The language immersion method (Estonia) is a complex of science, principles, approaches and techniques of teaching children the target language, with the preservation of the second language.

To teach children the target (Kazakh) language, teachers “immerse” children using several methods and techniques:

1.  visual design of walls, furniture and doors with posters, pictures, picturesque action algorithms;

2.   musical and poetic rhythm, flops, toms with pronouncing rhymed words and speech, playing sounds on percussion musical instruments. Rhythm as a uniform alternation of sounds and elements of movement provide children an opportunity to learn word syllables and develop speech;

3.  natural situations throughout the day;

4.  creative activities.

The method is highly effective to master the target language. It includes children’s dialogues with adults in two languages.

These techniques help children to remember easily what they heard, repeat and learn the semantic side of the word. As the result, children master Kazakh language quickly. Furthermore, the method develops speech, thinking, memory and attention.