Over a 10-year period, the kindergartens’ educators have accumulated rich teaching experience. This experience can be beneficial for the country's preschool organizations.

The kindergarten’s teachers have learnt the world best practices in preschool children care and apply their knowledge in daily practices. Innovative teaching methods, such as target language immersion, multimedia technology for intellectual development, the Voskobovich learning games, the Montessori's approach, the basics of robotics and other methods are an integral part of the educational process.

In order to improve the quality of domestic preschool education, the Karlygash kindergarten started sharing its experience and knowledge with other preschools across the country and held workshops for peers. Thus, on 26 April and 15 June 2019, over 200 teachers from various regions of the country learned effective methods of developing children's skills and competences needed in the 21st century (4Cs - creativity, critical thinking communication and collaboration).

Short videos of the seminars can be viewed at the below links: