The educators of “Karlygash” kindergarten constantly develop and enhance their professional skills, design teaching aids and issue publications.

Our teachers have developed over 50 teaching aids for research, synthesis and dissemination of advanced pedagogical experience. Of these, 8 have received the right of authorship:

1. Zabazhanova Tatyana - collection of outdoor games with elements of football, volleyball and basketball games “Play, play, do not lose the ball”  

2. Kasymkhanova Almagul - teaching English language “We play with fingers, we develop speech”

3. Polishchukova Marina - psychological support "How to help an anxious child"

4. Bibatyrova Saule - non-traditional painting techniques “Color Fantasy”

5. Amerkhanova Alma – Teaching aid for educational psychologists "The world of emotions"

6. Baituova Arai - "I watch. I research. I learn».

7. Omirtaeva Gulbakira - "National education is our future"

8. Jumanova Nurgul - "Teaching English through interactive games”

The list of teaching aids developed by kindergartens’ educators can be found here