Medical support to children

Promoting and strengthening children’s health, as well as ensuring their safety is the main priority of kindergartens’ activities.

High-quality medical support is provided by a pediatrician, a senior nurse and a health nurse.

Children get balanced 5-times nutrition.  Meals are prepared in accordance with a seasonal menu (summer-autumn, winter-spring), which is approved by the Director of the Enterprise and agreed with the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate Unit of the Medical Center of the Administration of the President's Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To raise a healthy child and build his healthy habits, parents are advised to follow consistent approaches to children’s daily routines, physical activities and hygienic culture.

The kindergartens’ sports and recreation activities include wellness and preventive measures using an infrared sauna, “health paths”, herbal medicine, the Strelnikova’s breathing exercises, physiotherapy and summertime water games.

Furthermore, the following wellness practices are used regularly: