Health improving technique by Kneip

One of the most important priorities of education organizations is to improve and strengthen children’s health.
The preschoolers’ worldview, spiritual life, mental development and readiness for school depend on their physical abilities.
The power of nature has always been used to heal various health problems.
Being confident of the close relationship between man and nature, Sebastian Kneipp argued that the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle was based on five pillars:

  1.Nutrition. It should be balanced, rich in vitamins and minerals from natural products.
Simple food in due proportions is the best. "You need to order your stomach to stop before it is full." 
More fruits and vegetables, fewer animal products! Once a week fish dishes!
Daily dairy products, minimum fatty foods, and a lot of water!

   2. Phytotherapy. The healing power of herbs.
         Herbal teas with medical plants have a mild effect on children's bodies. After wellness activities in the pool or sports activities children drink herbal teas with great pleasure.
        Children eagerly visit the kindergarten’s pharmacy garden to get to know medical plants, their role in healing and maintaining human health. They also learn the variety of medical herbs and how to use them properly.

   3. Water. The water procedures for developing resistance to cold ensure physical health and peace of mind.
Water acts as a means to stimulate the body with a change in temperature, which favorably affects the blood vessels, metabolism and muscles. It improves blood circulation, digestive functions and overall well-being.
Procedures with cool and warm water are carried out in alternating temperatures (from 10 - 15 degrees to 36 - 38 degrees) without water pressure.
Procedures on developing resistance to cold also include pouring water on toes, then gradually rising higher to the knee and back to the toes.

4. Movement. Movement in a reasonable amount brings joy and strengthens the body. The movement with a change in tension and relaxation causes mobilization of all body strengths, train the heart muscle and circulatory system and normalizes metabolism. We use physical activities that bring pleasure and do not strain the body, each child deserves an individual approach.

5. The balance of body and soul - the fifth basic element of Kneip philosophy is based on a harmony, we must take care not only of the body, but also of the state of mind. Regulated rhythm of life, adequate sleep, positive thinking, relaxing exercises, meditation and music therapy can help to restore a peace of mind.
A lifestyle should have a place for relaxation and stress reduction. The goal is to reduce stress factors in children’s lives.