Health improving gymnastics "Aikune" – healthy and informative!

The Kazakh therapeutic gymnastics “Aikune” is based on a unique healing system inherited from the ancestors.

The gymnastics is based on the Kazakh military bone-setting, which was used to provide assistance on the battlefield. The Kazakhs have always taught children how to ride a horse and do archery on the go. This gradually formed the technique of numerous static positions and body movements. "Aikune" gymnastics is as effective and philosophical as Chinese qigong or Indian yoga. Aikune is a set of exercises based on centuries-long experience. Its main difference is the development of muscles that are used during the normal physical exercises. The gymnastics is unique by its simplicity and health-improving effect. The recovery effect is visible even after three classes, both physical and psycho-emotional.

The Aikune gymnastics form children’s correct posture: stretch the spine, strengthen the back muscles, improve blood circulation, and prevent scoliosis. In kindergarten, exercises are used during children’s physical activities indoors and outdoors.