Healing with shungite stones

Shungite is a medicine created by nature!

Shungite (from the name of the Shunga village) is a rock saturated with carbon substance in a non-crystalline state.

Shungite is a unique natural mineral, environmentally friendly, contains more than 20 trace elements useful for human body, including silicon and globular carbon in active form.

The molecular structure of shungite
The unique rock is composed of fullerenes of 2 types C60 and C70.

Fullerene is a form of carbon in the form of hollow spherical ions. It has a high ion-exchange and ion-substitution activity, due to which it excretes the elements that the body needs. 

Shungite deposit

The largest deposits of shungite are located in Karelia (Russia) and Kazakhstan.


In Kazakhstan, shungite deposits are located in its eastern part. To date, the Koksuy field has been explored with an estimated reserve of 49 million tons.

Shungite-based preparations:

  • Relieve irritation, protect the skin from swelling and have a bactericidal effect;
  • Expand blood vessels, stimulate blood circulation and regenerate skin cells;
  • Accelerate cell renewal and epithelization;
  • Disinfect;
  • Create a natural acid-base balance, regulate the natural protective functions of the skin;
  • Accumulate structured water in a cell, enrich cells with essential nutrient mineral elements;
  • Do not cause allergies, cleanse the cell of toxins, do not cause swelling and irritation.

Ways to use shungite:

  • Shungite water
  • Shungite baths
  • Shungite rooms
  • Shungite applications
  • Shungite massage

Shungite water is used:

  • for therapeutic purposes in the form of rinses and inhalations;
  • as an ingredient for masks or lotion preparation;
  • for applications and compresses;
  • as drinking water and for cooking;
  • for cosmetic purposes, for the preparation of bathtubs;
  • to water plants.

Shungite baths
Shungite bathes are used to normalize blood pressure, restore microcirculation and normalize carbohydrate balance.

Shungite applications
The paste has a warming effect, which improves microcirculation, increases metabolic processes and improves histotrophic nutrition.

Shungite Pyramids

  • improve well-being and mood,
  • absorb bad energy.

To reach this effect, it is enough to hold pyramids in both hands for 15 minutes.

  Relaxing shungite room:

  • Harmonizes the psycho-physiological state of a person
  • Protects against electromagnetic radiation
  • Improves blood circulation in the vessels
  • Accelerates beneficial metabolism
  • Affects positively on kidney and liver


Shungite Stone Massage

Massage with shungite stones positively affects the activity of the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure, relieves muscle pain, relieves stress, irritability, tension, normalizes sleep, improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, strengthens lymphatic vessels.

Using shungite for foot massage

The impact of shungite on the foot reflex zones improves blood supply to body organs, eliminates pain, energizes in the morning and relieves overfatigue.